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Welcome to Community Services

At SHABACH! Community Services our goal is to develop and implement effective programs that will have a significant impact on the community by enhancing the lives of the children, youth and families residing in the Landover and Glenarden communities, as well as, Prince George's County, Maryland at-large.

Greetings From Community Services Director

The health and wellness of children and families is critical to developing capacities that allow them to function and build strong foundations for success, not only through healthy physical and emotional development, but school readiness, academic achievement, workforce preparedness, financial security, spiritual wholeness and a myriad of other benchmarks of a healthy community.  For these issues to be met effectively, it is not enough to simply make the most of existing institution resources and programs. It is essential to develop new, innovative and collaborative partnership approaches, along with program initiatives that will offer children and families real means to successfully meet the challenge(s) of their self-development and improve their quality of life.

Within the SHABACH! Community Services Division, our emphasis is on building networks of neighborhood supports that prevent the conditions that breed drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, teenage crime, school dropout, child abuse and neglect, family dissolution, under-employment and homelessness from developing in the first place.

Through a variety of programs and services, SHABACH! takes a pioneering, consensus building, community partnership approach in its effort to respond to the diverse needs of children, youth, individuals and families in the local communities of Glenarden, Landover and throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland at-large.

Capacity Building activities are intended to increase the role of community member agencies and organizations, as well as individual neighbors to assume greater roles and participate in all aspects of the community development process.

Supporting SHABACH! Community Services is an investment in your community.
That investment, multiplied by others who give of their resources or of their time as a volunteer, has the power to bring about real changes in community conditions.

Think about what you can do to support your community, and do it!

Thank you…